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Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners


Do you wish emtpying your pouch could be less messy?  Do you want your ostomy appliances to last longer?  If so, our Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners can help.  These liners are inserted into your empty ostomy pouch before you attach them to the flange.  When the pouch is full, simply remove the liner, place in the toilet and flush away.  There is no mess to deal with, and your ostomy pouches last longer since they are protected by the liner. Our liners feature a unique double sealed edge to prevent leaks, and are much more reasonably priced than similar liners on the market today.

Our Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners are available in two sizes:

  • Regular for pouch openings up to 57mm
  • Large for pouch openings 57mm and larger
See below to order.  Dealer inquiries welcome.